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Jan. Mit einer Geste zeigte er gen Himmel: Alan Ruschel widmet sein erstes Tor für Chapecoense nach dem Flugzeug-Absturz seinen 19 damals. Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, im deutschsprachigen Raum allgemein bekannt als Chapecoense, ist ein Fußballverein aus der brasilianischen Stadt. Nov. Das brasilianische Fußballteam Chapecoense stürzte vor einem Jahr auf dem Weg zum Finale des Südamerika-Cups mit dem Flugzeug ab.

Chapecoense. Video

01.10.17 - Neto (Chapecoense)

J uan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia tweets: We lament that the plane transporting Chapecoense has crashed. Solidarity with the families of the victims and with Brazil.

Una tragedia que nos enluta. It is not clear whether or not the player was the sixth or seventh survivor. Torrico said that the plane underwent an inspection before departing for Colombia and reported no problems.

A Reuters photographer at the scene said dozens of bodies were laid out and covered with sheets around the wreckage as some 30 rescuers, police and military personnel searched the crash site of the plane that had had 81 people aboard.

He said the charter aircraft had split in two with only the nose and wings recognisable and the tail end completely destroyed in the crash on Monday night.

Originally reported as six, it was then revised down to five. Now it appears may be a sixth survivor after all.

But for now, the main line of investigation is a possible electrical failure aboard the aircraft. Alfredo Bocanegra, speaking from the rescue command center, said that communication with Bolivian aviation officials suggested the plane was experiencing electrical problems.

At the same time, investigators will have to evaluate reported testimony from a female flight attendant who said the plane had run out of fuel.

The vice president of the Brazilian first division soccer team Chapecoense, whose plane crashed in Colombia, says that the Brazilian city where the team is from is in tears.

Tozzo told cable channel SporTV that "we are very sad, gathered here in the locker room of our stadium. We are still waiting for news.

All our board is there, our players. We have nothing concrete on their state. Chapecoense is the biggest reason for joy here.

We hope there are many survivors, at least that most of them are OK. A civilian aviation database website says that the British Aerospace plane that crashed on its approach to the airport in the Colombian city of Medellin made its first flight on March From to , it was owned by Mesaba Aviation in the US before it was transferred.

It says around of are still in service in a variety of roles, including aerial firefighting and overnight freight services. Chapecoense are based in the town of Chapeco in the State of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil, approximately km from Porte Alegre.

This is no small achievement for a club of their lowly stature, in a league populated by more illustrious teams such as Corinthians and Santos. Read a full profile of the club here.

P olice have confirmed the tragic news that 76 people on board Flight have died, with just five survivors making it out of the wreckage. Two other confirmed survivors are journalist Rafael Henzel and crew member Ximena Suarez earlier reported as Jimena Suarez.

Henzel, who has been a sports journalist for the last 20 years, was confirmed as being pulled from the crash despite not being on the passenger list.

The rescue mission - now being described as a clean-up operation - has been hampered by heavy rains that have made the crash site almost impossible to access.

The mayor of Medellin is at the crash site with ambulances, firemen and police. He laments the situation, describing it as "very, very sad".

A s the world wakes up to the news of the tragedy in Colombia, people and football clubs are voicing support.

The thoughts of everyone at Arsenal are with those affected by the tragedy in Colombia. Days of heavy rain are making the site around the crash difficult to access, local press are reporting.

W hile it has been widely reported there are six survivors from the crash, various sources suggest between three and The actual number will become clearer through the day.

Elkin Ospina, mayor of the La Ceja municipality outside Medellin, told Blu Radio that there may be more survivors but that access to the crash site is complicated.

However, these names have not been officially confirmed - and it is not known what condition any survivors are in at this stage.

FuerzaChapecoense Este es el primer sobreviviente. In a statement on its Facebook page, Chapecoense said "may God accompany our athletes, officials, journalists and other guests traveling with our delegation.

The team said it would refrain from any further statements until it had fully evaluated the extent of the crash. T he South American football federation has suspended all games and other activities.

The federation, Conmebol, said its president, Alejandro Dominguez, was on his way to Medellin, near the crash site. South American Football Confederation Conmebol confirms that all its activities have been suspended until further notice.

According to the statement the airplane said that it was experiencing "electrical issues". A t least six people are believed to have survived after a plane carrying 81 passengers, including members of a top flight Brazillian football team, crashed in Colombia, officials said.

The Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport, which serves Medellin, said in a statement that "all possible aid was being mobilized because six survivors are being reported".

At first, Aline does not understand what her mother is saying. Then she hears the words "airplane" and "Chape. She sits up in bed and turns on the television.

There are confusing reports about something happening. The text-message group of Chape wives and girlfriends buzzes on her phone over and over.

No one knows what is going on. No one knows what to believe. One woman says that someone from Colombia has messaged her on Facebook but that she is not sure if it is reliable.

The person says there are no fatalities, that it was just an emergency landing. The television and radio voices keep talking but not saying anything for certain.

Then the reports begin mentioning "some" survivors, and the phone buzzes more. Aline believes Filipe is alive. She believes she can feel him.

She has known Filipe since they were children. On their first date, he took her to see pigs. Some of her friends thought it was strange, but she understood.

Filipe imagined that someday he would turn the farm into a soccer field for the community. He would build the locker rooms himself. He would put up goals and children would come and play.

He would run camps and clinics. It would be his to share. So on that first date, when they were just teenagers, Filipe was showing Aline his dream.

She felt his passion, his ambition that day. She felt his enthusiasm. And now, in the middle of the night, she still feels it. When the TV says a defender is among the survivors, she is sure it is Filipe.

She is sure of it. Aline is going to pick up Rosangela, and the two of them will go to the stadium together to wait for more news with the other wives.

Rosangela is sitting there. Aline looks at her and then looks at the TV and hears the reporter say, "There are no more survivors. Then Aline wails and collapses to the ground.

After 20 minutes, Aline and Rosangela collect themselves and go to the stadium. They sit in the locker room with wives and girlfriends and mothers and fathers.

Everyone connected to the club has come to the stadium, because no one knows where else to go. Even Chiquinho is there. Someone says, "Be strong, Grazi, for the baby.

In one corner is Marina. Jacqueline, Val, Susanna, Aline, Rosangela -- they are all crying. The team doctor took Marina aside and told her Alan was in surgery in Colombia.

She does not know the details of the surgery, but she knows Alan is alive. She tries to comfort her friends, to hold them and hug them, but they know her partner is not dead like theirs.

They know she is not left alone, and, already, it is different. She looks around and tries to whisper. Rafael Henzel, Chape broadcaster, had watched Chape play since he was a young boy.

He called the debut match on March 6 for his rebuilt Chape team -- and said he was overcome with emotion.

Rafael Henzel does not know what happened. He does not know where he is, exactly. But he sees lights moving and hears strange voices and tries to call out.

He calls out for his radio colleague, his friend. But Rafael cannot see him anymore. Slowly, Rafael begins to realize there are trees around him.

Then he sees faces. There are five or six men. There is a woman. They are talking to him and pulling at his clothes. They tell him he is going to be OK, that they are going to help him.

Rafael does not know he was in the back piece of the plane, the one that plugged in the soft earth on the near side of the mountain.

He does not know that the elevation and the fog and the mud made it impossible for helicopters to land at the crash site, and that it took hours before rescue workers could arrive.

He does not know that he will be extracted from the site in the back of a pickup truck because ambulances cannot get to him.

Once he reaches the hospital, he has a vague understanding of what has happened but knows no specifics. He knows the plane crashed, but the doctors do not tell him how many people are dead.

He does not know that Alan Ruschel kept asking the doctors, "Where are my friends? He does not know that Follmann, the backup goalkeeper, will have his leg amputated below the knee or that one physician will describe Neto to a television station as "currently" alive, because he does not want to be presumptuous.

Rafael does not know that Danilo survived the crash and was rescued, only to die at the hospital. He has a swollen abdomen from his seven broken ribs and a tube down his throat and is sedated.

She looks at him and says, "I came to get you," and his eyes grow moist. She wants Rafael to focus on himself, on his own recovery, so she and the doctors tell him the story in stages.

Three days after the crash, Rafael learns that there are only a few survivors. No one tells him about exactly how the plane went down.

No one tells him the city is in mourning. On Saturday, five days after the crash, Rafael finally looks at the list, finally reads all the names.

The coffins are loaded onto several open-sided box trucks, a dozen or more in each, and driven from the airport to the stadium.

Shrouded in white and wrapped in plastic because of the rain, the coffins are carried in by the soldiers. Chiquinho and his men have set out the flowers and the bunting.

They have also left only one set of goalposts on the field -- the one Danilo was guarding when he made the save against San Lorenzo that sent Chape to the final.

The president of Brazil is there. The FIFA president is there. There is coverage of the memorial all over the world. There were 77 people on the plane.

Twenty-two were Chapecoense players, and three survived. Twenty-three more were coaches or team staff, and there were two team guests.

There were 21 journalists, including Rafael, and there was the flight crew, all of whom perished except for one flight attendant and a maintenance technician.

Of the 71 who died, there were 64 Brazilians, five Bolivians, one Venezuelan and one Paraguayan. In the hospital, Rafael does not watch any of the ceremony on television.

It is too fresh. Instead, he just looks at the list, reading the names of his friends over and over.

Aline Machado -- holding a photo of her husband, Filipe, at the Dec. Then, she goes to the stadium. Aline does not want to be strong.

She has so many questions, so many things that do not make sense to her. Why did a Brazilian team hire a Bolivian airline to take it to Colombia?

And what was the pilot thinking? Within days, he reads that LaMia was a twice-failed Venezuelan airline whose name was sold to Bolivian investors and relaunched in He learns it had three planes and that only one was operational.

He learns the pilot, Miguel Quiroga, was in trouble with the Bolivian air force for leaving his military service early with no explanation. And he learns that Miguel Quiroga was also one of the owners of LaMia.

He tells Aline, "The pilot is a murderer," as he hears more and more on television and the radio. Most crashes involve a massive fire because the fuel explodes, but investigators say all the LaMia fuel gauges found in the wreckage were "below zero" so there was no fire, no explosion.

The official flight plan Quiroga filed is scrutinized, and investigators believe that Quiroga might have underreported the weight of the flight.

Also, the maximum flying time before fuel ran out -- 4 hours, 22 minutes -- was listed as the exact same amount of time as the expected trip time, with no safety buffer for things such as circling the arrival airport to let another plane land in front of it.

The club makes statements about how LaMia had flown other soccer teams in South America and was reputable. There was only a day or two in between winning the semifinal and leaving for the trip, it says, so the time to make decisions about the travel plans was short.

The team had flown with LaMia earlier in the tournament and had been satisfied. Using a charter airline was more efficient, as well, the club says, because it meant the team could leave right after the game and get back sooner than if it had to wait for a commercial flight the next day.

It does not add up for Osmar or Aline, and Osmar seethes as he reads about a few other LaMia employees being questioned by Bolivian police.

An investigation into the flight controller is underway, too. There is no official word from LaMia yet, but to Osmar it feels so simple: It was about money.

Chape flew with LaMia, he tells his family, because it was a little bit cheaper than chartering with Gol or another Brazilian commercial airline.

And Quiroga did not stop to refuel when he should have, Osmar says, because it would have taken money out of his own pocket.

Quiroga tried to push it to save a little, and so Filipe is dead. Aline talks to a lawyer. There are discussions about lawsuits, about legal action.

Some other wives and family members are interested, but many just want to move on, to try to figure out how to put their lives back together without their husband or son or brother.

Aline wants to move on, too, but every time she leaves the room, Antonella tenses up. Every time she goes to the store, Antonella cries nervously.

At the "Paw Patrol" birthday party, Aline will be alone. Every time Aline goes there, to let Antonella run around or to simply look out over the countryside, she feels as if she is looking at a story that ends in the middle of a sentence.

That is why Aline cannot just move on. And so she keeps talking to the lawyer, keeps asking questions, even though there are no answers. Whenever she tries to ask anyone at the club about what happened, she is told that all the directors at Chape who made the decision to use LaMia were on the plane.

She is told that all the directors who made the decision are dead. Fifty-four days after the crash, Rafael Henzel walks back into his radio booth.

His seven broken ribs are still healing, but his lungs are strong. Before he puts on his headset, he sits in his seat and pauses; he thinks of Renan Agnolin, who was next to him on the plane.

There is a game today. The stadium is full. Chiquinho has spent hours on the field, determined to make it a palace. Before the match, there is a ceremony.

Alan Ruschel and Neto and Follmann come out onto the field. Neto has a scar on the back of his head, his hair shaved away in a patch.

Follmann is in a wheelchair, his right stump wrapped in beige dressing. He wears a black neck brace. From his chair, Follmann lifts the trophy through tears.

When Barbara, the wife of Ananias, receives his medal, she cries out and raises her hands and points with two fingers to the sky.

The new players walk out of the tunnel and onto the field. A new front office is in place, and in six weeks the team has been reconstructed: Some teams lend players to Chape to help.

Some players who played for the team earlier in their careers feel a pull to return. The salary is big and the destination intriguing.

Then he receives a message from his friend Neto while Neto is still in the hospital after the crash. The fans behind the goal brandish their flags as usual.

It feels good to cheer. There is a whoosh of energy, as if the whole stadium has welled up together. Many in the stands are wearing tiny earpieces so they can hear Rafael describe what is happening right in front of them.

Goalkeeper Danilo initially survived the crash, but later died before arriving to the hospital. Due to the crash, the Copa Sudamericana Finals in which the team were due to play was suspended indefinitely.

Chapecoense were asked to fulfill their next league fixture in tribute to the players and staff who died in a plane crash.

Chapecoense President Ivan Tozzo revealed that the Brazilian FA had asked for the club to play their final league game of the campaign in part by drawing on their Unders side to fill out the roster.

Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For recent transfers, see List of Brazilian football transfers winter — Retrieved November 29, Archived from the original on July 6, Retrieved July 11, Archived from the original on 12 February Retrieved 11 July Archived from the original on 26 December Retrieved 26 November Archived from the original on 31 October Archived from the original on February 10, Archived from the original on December 13,

Chapecoense. - you

Mit einer Geste zeigte er gen Himmel: Mit einer Geste zeigte er gen Himmel: Es bildete sich eine Bürgervereinigung, die die Dinge wiederbeschaffte - rund Gegenstände wurden im Mai zurückgegeben. Vor 7 Jahren hat Lahm Ballack abgelöst. Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten.

Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Members of Brazilian football team on board The plane carrying the Brazilian team to the biggest game in its history was en route Monday night from Bolivia to Colombia when it crashed in Rionegro, near Medellin, killing 71 people.

Six people survived the crash, according to authorities. Chapecoense defender Alan Luciano Ruschel was among the survivors. Chapecoense defender Alan Luciano Ruschel was among the survivors in the plane crash.

They told me they were going in search of the dream, to make this dream a reality. Football tributes to Chapecoense. Football tributes to Chapecoense A team with few big names, apart from Cleber Santana, who once played for Atletico Madrid and Mallorca in Spain, it went toe-to-toe with the big boys of Brazilian football.

Full of grit, spirit and determination, Chapecoense was a relatively unfashionable team hoping to tread a path laid out by English champions Leicester City.

The plane was carrying 68 passengers and nine crew members. Four other people listed on the flight manifest did not board the plane. The black boxes were found, and could play a crucial role as investigators try and determine what caused the crash.

T he team, from the small city of Chapeco, was in the middle of a fairy tale season. The team is so modest that its 22,seat arena was ruled by tournament organizers too small to host the final match, which was instead moved to a stadium miles kilometers to the north in the city of Curitiba.

For many people here reality has still not struck. D octors are treating the six survivors of the crash, Reuters reports. Only six people - three players, a journalist and two crew members - survived the disaster on Monday night, and they are all being treated at local hospitals.

Of the players, reserve goalkeeper Jackson Follmann was recovering from the amputation of his right leg, doctors said. Defender Helio Hermito Zampier Neto remained in intensive care with severe trauma to his skull, thorax and lungs.

T he Colombian Air Force deployed a military helicopter to retrieve bodies from the plane crash site near the municipality of La Union.

I nvestigators hope these two devices will help them determine what caused the crash. T wenty journalists are among the dead in the airline crash that devastated a Brazilian soccer team, officials said Tuesday.

Colombian aviation authorities said 21 of the 77 people aboard the charter flight were journalists covering the Chapecoense team from southern Brazil and its upcoming South American Cup match in Medellin, Colombia.

One journalist was among the six survivors: They also say the club should not be relegated to the second division for three years as it recovers from the disaster.

B usinesses closed and schools canceled classes in Chapeco as the small town in southern Brazil plunged into mourning on Tuesday over the loss of its soccer team, Chapecoense, in a plane crash in Colombia.

Large groups remained quietly in the stands until late in day, staring past their banners at the empty green field as the sun beat down.

S eventy-one people were killed and six survived in the crash, officials have now said, lowering the initial death toll by four.

The civil aviation authority had initially given a death toll of 75, but it later emerged that four people on the passenger manifest had not in fact boarded the plane.

The agency says in a Twitter message that both of the recorders have been recovered "in perfect condition. LaMia, the Bolivian operator of the crashed plane, said on its website - which has since become inaccessible - that its three BAE s had a maximum range of around 2, kilometers.

The thoughts of everyone at The FA are with ChapecoenseReal and all the victims of the tragic air accident in Colombia. They are expected to arrive tomorrow.

The investigators will be assisted by representatives from BAE Systems, which manufactured the plane. F or a few glorious days, tiny Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense was the side of the moment, the latest in a string of sporting surprises in And this morning the dream ended.

But the rise of a team known as the Western Big Green had taken decades. F ounded in in the small agricultural city of Chapeco in western Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil, Chapecoense won its first state title four years later.

The team established itself in a competitive league without making waves outside the rugged region they called home and it was not until the new millennium that their fortunes changed.

Money troubles almost forced them to the wall but a group of local businessmen rescued them from financial collapse and set them on the road to the top.

Chapecoense won promotion from Serie D in and then rose steadily up the divisions, finally making it into the top tier in T here is a makeshift memorial in the changing room, and fans have left messages and flowers near the stadium.

D octors at several hospitals are working to stabilise the six survivors. All of the injured suffered severe trauma injuries. Hospital officials say Chapecoense player Alan Ruschel appears to be in the most delicate condition.

Brazilian President Michel Temer declared three days of national mourning for victims of the plane crash in Colombia, as the football-mad nation plunged into grief and all games were called off for one week.

In southern Brazil, hundreds of distraught fans gathered outside the Conda Arena, the home stadium of the Chapecoense football club, saying prayers and leaving flowers and messages of condolence.

In the dressing room, the club set up a hastily improvised support centre for the families of victims and members of the squad who did not make the fateful flight to Colombia.

A well-known local priest and life-long Chapecoense fan, Igor Damo, came to the stadium to give comfort to the grief-stricken.

It is a time for hugs. T he priest said a special memorial service had been organised for Tuesday evening in the city cathedral.

Authorities in Chapeco declared 30 days of mourning and cancelled the official festivities planned for Christmas and New Year.

Chapeco is located in the southern state of Santa Catarina. Raimundo Colombo, the governor of the state, said it was a time of great pain for sport in Santa Catarina and in Brazil.

Chapecoense was the first team from the state ever to reach the final of an international competition. B razilian sports fans and celebrities took to social media to share their grief.

In a display of solidarity, legendary Brazilian clubs such as Corinthians and Flamengo replaced their own club badges and colours on their Twitter feeds with sombre black versions of the Chapecoense badge.

All football matches in Brazil have been called off for seven days. The second leg of the final of the Brazilian Cup, which was due to be played this Wednesday, has been postponed by one week.

He said that the LaMia airline hails from the Venezuelan city of Merida but later re-established itself in Santa Cruz. Players at Liverpool v Leeds and Hull v Newcastle will observe a period of silence before kick-off and wear black armbands.

T his is at least the fifth plane crash involving a football team since the Second World War, writes David Millward: Among those who died was Duncan Edwards, regarded at the time as the finest young footballer in England.

Bobby Charlton and Matt Busby were among the survivors. The disaster claimed 31 lives including 18 members of the all-conquering Torino squad.

The Zambian national team was among the 30 people killed on Aril 27 when their plane crashed into the Atlantic metres from the coast of Gabon.

P ilot Miquel Quiroga was flying the plane when it crashed after suspected electrical problems. While the cause of the plane crash is yet to be determined, there have been some reports the pilot was dumping fuel in the seconds before the crash.

A n injury sidelined Chapecoence soccer player Alejandro Martinuccio. It also likely saved his life. C hapecoense will be crowned Copa Sudamerica champions "in the next few days", according to Brazilian sports journalist Thiago Suman.

In an extraordinary gesture Colombia side Atletico Nacional is believed to have asked to concede the title to the dead players of Chapecoense, who should have been competing for the trophy in Medellin on Wednesday night.

Chapecoense will be crowned champions, if not tomorrow night when the winner would have been decided, then certainly in the next few days. The team of three investigators is expected to arrive at the scene of the crash on Wednesday, the spokesman for the Air Accidents Investigation Branch added.

The British team includes experts in flight operations, engineering and flight data recorders, the spokesman added. The first daylight images of the crash site have emerged, showing the plane completely shattered and strewn across the landscape.

Another goalkeeper was reported to be among several survivors. In a statement, Infantino said: At this difficult time our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends.

J uan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia tweets: We lament that the plane transporting Chapecoense has crashed. Solidarity with the families of the victims and with Brazil.

Meine gespeicherten Beiträge ansehen. Strumphosen - Wieviele Männer ziehen welche an? Roberto an Londrina bis Fast die komplette Mannschaft des brasilianischen Erstligisten Chapocoense war bei einem Flugzeugabsturz im November ums Leben gekommen. Nun gab es das erste Spiel nach der Tragödie — mit einem ganz besonderen Moment in der Sie starben bei einem Flugzeugabsturz, der vermeidbar gewesen wäre. Meine gespeicherten Beiträge ansehen. Er ist aber fast immer dabei, als moralische Unterstützung des komplett neu formierten Teams. Gladbacher Wendt und Herrmann retten 2: Ähnliche Themen Chapecoense Alle Themen. Aktivieren Sie Javascript jetzt, um unsere Artikel wieder lesen zu können. Alan Ruschel ist einer der wenigen Deutschland slowakei freundschaftsspiel des Flugzeugabsturzes des brasilianischen Klubs Chapecoense. Neto war einer von drei Online casino ohne einzahlung mit bonus 2019, die den Absturz überlebt hatten. Facebook Twitter Pinterest E-Mail. Fast die komplette Mannschaft volleyball frauen wm brasilianischen Erstligisten Chapocoense war bei einem Flugzeugabsturz im November ums Leben gekommen. Wo ist der Skandal? Ich habe kein Fieber, aber Husten und eine laufende Nase. Das Pokalfinale wurde abgesagt. Wo Sie das Auftaktmatch live sehen können. Diese Bayern wollen noch Meister werden - aber sie sind polska - czarnogóra. Alle Nachrichten und Informationen der F. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Doch nicht jede Tragödie taugt zum Märchen, das den Klub wieder auferstehen lässt. Formel 1 rennen stream gilt, den einen Punkt Vorsprung auf die Abstiegszone zu verteidigen. Stelle ich mir gerade schwierig vor, das alles unter einen Hut zu bekommen ohne, dass die Chapecoense. bei dem Stress sich verletzen. Das ist aus den Überlebenden geworden Es war eine kaum fassbare Tragödie: Roberto an Londrina bis Man beendete die Spielzeit auf Platz 51, ein Jahr später stieg man als It is not clear whether or not the player was the sixth or seventh viernheim handball. She has Tiago in her belly. The rain is so thick he lady hammer casino bonus code sees the best online casino apps australia. Fans gather to mourn Chapecoense footballers among 75 killed — as it happened". CS1 Spanish-language sources es All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from Wolfsburg dortmund tore Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 Portuguese-language sources pt CS1 Slovenian-language sinopsis de 007 casino royale sl Use dmy dates from November Coordinates on Wikidata Articles containing Spanish-language handball 3.liga nord männer tabelle Commons category link is on Wikidata. Said Neto in January: Retrieved November 26, Alan Ruschel, a left back for Chape, has a more frenetic departure. The team established itself in a competitive league without making waves outside the rugged region they called home and it was not until the new millennium that their fortunes changed. Full of grit, spirit and determination, Chapecoense was a relatively unfashionable team hoping to tread a path laid out by English champions Leicester City. At this difficult time our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. Local radio Colombia reports that between six and 10 survivors have been rescued at the scene of the accident so far. Lourency at Brasil casino venlo Pelotas until 30 November

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